Graziano Family of Wines

Saint Gregory Pinot Meunier 2018

Featured Sale Price – $12.99

Normal Price – $19.99

Pinot Meunier gives a soft fruitiness to the blends of many Champagnes yet is rarely seen on labels all by its lonesome. For their Saint Gregory label, Graziano Wines focuses on various Pinots: Noir and its relatives. Pinot Meunier makes up 95% of this blend and is all from a single vineyard, while the remaining 5% is Pinotage from a second site. The grapes are hand-harvested, and the wine is aged in French Oak barrels from the Vosges forest, of which 20% are new.

Saint Gregory gives Pinot Meunier its time to shine, and it’s one of the better Pinot-anythings in this price range I’ve tried in some time. You’ll notice the relation to its cousin “The Big Noir” right from the pour. Anyone who enjoys West Coast Pinot Noir will feel right at home with all the Red-Fruity-Spicy-Goodliness.

~ Chad Dalton, Wine Dude

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